It really grinds my gears

When someone tries to change one of your beliefs, or even a lot of your beliefs because you think differently. You really think you’re gonna change me? No, all you’re going to do is piss me off and make me angry.

Okay so hello. I’ve tried to keep a blog, too many in fact. But I need a place of my own, a place to rant and complain and just talk. I probably wont keep up with it, I never do. I already keep up with one and I’ve already forgotten about it, oops.

I just really have a problem with tumblr right now, I have a problem with some of the people. Do not say you’re accepting of people and their beliefs if you go around insulting them and attacking them. No, I wont agree with everything you believe but that doesn’t mean you have to insult me. That’ll only make me want to insult you back lol.